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Empower your marketing campaign with awesome 360 VR

Various VR solution

Immersive Virtual Tour solution, let audience experience your space anywhere and anytime!


Google 360 Business View

Showcase locations on Google Maps/ Street view /Business Listing

Matterport 3D Tour

Immersive 3d experience with the dollhouse view

Customized Virtual Tour

With unique interface design and hotspot link

360 Virtual Tour on Google 

Millions of people search for services nearby on Google Maps everyday. When you lookup for the service on Maps, you will find the service detail such as the name of the service, location and all other detail. The business profile on Google is called Google My Business.

People love Google not only because they find what they are looking for but also because they can see photos about the service. People love photos. Google Virtual Tour is even more than a photo. It is an interactive experience with 360 photos. This provides a great opportunity to showcase your business on Google via mobile, desktop even on your company site.

It is one of the best ways to be visible on Google. We are Google Trusted photographer in Hong Kong providing best 360 VR photography.

Matterport 3D scanning service

Matterport is a 3D Virtual Tour platform that provides three different views: walk-through view, dollhouse view, floor plan view. Dollhouse View is the most impressive feature for Matterport. You can zoom out and see a 3D digital twin of the property from the outside and rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. The unique feature of Matterport 3D scanning is especially suitable for real estate, interior design, exhibition and other spaces. We are one of the Matterport Hong Kong service partners providing the best price and service for Matterport 3D scanning.

Customized VR with hotspots

We also provide the Customized virtual tour which hosted in a private server. The Customized VR can display any kind of space such as an exhibition or outdoor space. For the Customized VR, hotspots can be tagged on the product and link with any webpage. Customized VR is an innovative way to showcase your products on the homepage.

Various Virtual Tour Solutions


Google 360 View (click the image)

red cross hk

Matterport 3D (click the image)

international school china

Customized virtual tour (click the image)

Google Virtual Tour pricing



  • Suitable for space under 1000 sqft
  • 6 panorama images
  • Stitching images into Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Publish on Google Maps and Search
  • 8K Ultra-HD images
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  • Suitable for space under 1500 sqft
  • 12 panorama images
  • Stitching images into Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Publish on Google Maps and Search
  • 8K Ultra-HD images
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  • Suitable for space under 2000 sqft
  • 20 panorama images
  • Stitching images into Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Publish on Google Maps and Search
  • 8K Ultra-HD images
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  • Suitable for any space (e.g. property, exhibition)
  • Hot spot link available
  • Stitching images into Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Publish and embeded on any website
  • 8K Ultra-HD images
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Above price not include Matterport 3D scanning and Customized Virtual Tour service, please contact us for Matterport pricing and Customized Virtual Tour price

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We are expert for Google Maps optimization

We are one-stop shop for 360 Virtual Tour and SEO

We are specialized in SEO for local businesses

What is the process of having a Virtual Tour for my business?

How long does it take for for 360 Virtual Tour filming?

Most Virtual Tour filming will be completed within 1 hour, Our Virtual Tour photographer will complete the filming without affecting your business operation

What is the price for Google 360 Virtual Tour?

Google 360 Virtual Tour starts from HKD 2000 for businesses. We committed providing the best quality of Virtual Tour Hong Kong

How long does it take publishing on Google after filming ?

360 Virtual Tour will take one week to publish after our virtual tour photographer completed filming

What is the different between Google 360 Virtual Tour and Matterport 3D Virtual Tour?

Google 360 Virtual Tour and Matterport 3D Virtual Tour applied different technology. Google Virtual Tour can be published on Google Maps, Google Search and embedded on a website. Matterport Virtual Tour is mainly embedded on a website with dollhouse and floorplan view.

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